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The Evil Bastard Welcomes You to His Domain!
...Since January 24, 2003...
Thinking big thoughts, so you don't have to!

The Headman is now the Evil Bastard...

"...And Aron. The Evil Bastard himself,
who taught me almost everything I know about telling scary, suspenseful stories...
The man is a master, pure and simple.
An evil genius, with an uncanny skill for knowing right where the cut will hurt the most,
when to inflict it for maximum effect."
-- Deb Silkotch

I was just jotting a few notions I had concerning my plans for global domination when you came by. Make yourself comfortable.
I'll have one of the interns fetch you a bottle of beer.

We here at HeadCo Industries strive to bring you only the best in Netertainment.
To further that end, the following pages have been provided for your perusal:

My Blog

My Cat and Dog Page

My Livecam Page

My Photo Album

My Play By E-Mail Page

My Store

"The longest of journeys begins with a single URL."

Wisdom, character, and rugged good looks have a name, and that name is Gary. Swing by Gary's Room and if your not careful, y'might learn something before you're done (is it really obvious that he answers all of my 'puter questions?). Gary's got all kinds of cool stuff at his page. From his award winning Big 80's Midi archive to all kinds of links to science and weather resources on the net, Gary's Room has it all! What you won't find at his page, however, is what he really does at work.

My good buddy Rodger is one talented, though surly, fellow . Among other things, he builds and paints models and miniatures. I've even got a couple of his pieces on display here at Stately Headmanor. A gallery of his work can be found at A Haunted Gallery.

Fellow Shadow Warrior, Jamie Kirmser, has some space carved out on the internets. He's still throwing paint on the walls. Click on over there. Should be cool.

My home parish, St. John's Episcopal Church, is online! You know what they say about Episcopalians? Where you find four, you'll find a fifth!

The fact of the matter is that I am a hardcore public radio listener. I get my National Public Radio fix from Dallas' own public radio station, KERA 90.1 FM. I listen in the car, in my office, and at home. I even listen during pledge drives. I am a crack whore for public radio.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a comment for me on my blog!

Oderint, Dum Metuant!